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Seattle Central Community College

Jan 15, 22 & 29

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July 16, 23 & 30

Oct 15, 22 & 29

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"This class helped me devise a way to approach my personal finances without the negative feeling and stress that have thwarted my previous attempts. Karl is very engaging and makes a complicated emotionally charged subject very approachable."

Virginia (Shoreline) Spring Qtr 2014

"Karl's personality and delivery exceeded my expectations. He made it interesting and entertaining and kept my attention. The open forum style of instruction kept me engaged and I felt comfortable in participating."

Margaret (Seattle) Winter Qtr 2014 Seattle Central

"Karl was very engaging as an instructor, and made everyone feel not only a part of the class, but also a contributor to the class. Karl has the unique ability to make what could be a boring subject, quite interesting and fun. As an instructor myself, I recognize the difficulty in pulling this off - and he did an amazing job! I would take any class he teaches, and recommend his classes to others."

Diane (Seattle) Fall Qtr 2012 Seattle Central

"Karl covered a lot of material in a short time. He gave us useful information without making it boring or tedious. He told us the whole story behind a lot of topics that seem so confusing."

Bridget (Seattle) Fall Qtr 2012 Seattle Central

"It was a great course that everyone should take. I would and have recommended it to everyone I know, especially those searching for better financial management practices. Not only that but the instructor brings the class alive. He is engaging with each student and very entertaining. Clearly he is passionate about the topic, which makes the class exciting. I think that is hard to do with people intimidated by finances. He does it."

Jaki (Seattle) Summer Qtr 2011 Seattle Central

"Karl was probably the most engaging instructor I have ever had. I enjoyed his down-to-earth nature, his honesty, his willingness to share his experiences with the class and his sense of humor. The class time flew by. I only wish I had met him when I was a lot younger and had the good fortune of taking finance classes from him as I truly believe my finances would be in a lot better shape today. Excellent instructor!"

Myrna (Shoreline) Winter Qtr 2012 Seattle Central

"I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on how money works between our hands and the government."

JoSonja (Renton) Winter Qtr 2012 Seattle Central

SCCC Sprint

"I always thought of financial matters as 'the dreary science', but Karl has a passion for helping people gain control over their money and it really comes through in his talks. One thing he really understands is that there is an emotional & psychological attachment to our spending patterns and he is very understanding and compassionate about peoples’ choices, whether good or poor. (No judgments, just help and sharing the facts that will empower folks to have control over their money.)"

Ruth Griffith (Mukilteo) Manager Adult & Teen Services; Sno-Isle Library