Assembling Your Finances is a three session workshop presented in-person over three consecutive weeks.

 Assembling Your Finances - Session 1 Assembling Your Finances - Session 2 Assembling Your Finances - Session 3

The focus of Session One is about taking an inventory and an assessment—a brutally honest assessment—of your personal finances.

You'll examine and define the true numbers that make up your financial formula: a set of factual points of reference from which you can objectively evaluate change.

In Session Two you'll use the information you've gathered through your homework to refine and expand your financial formula.

In addition, you'll examine and evaluate the money marketplace via the four points of your financial assessment compass.

Session Three is all about your financial stories.

First, you'll learn about the history, the role and the rights you have regarding the stories that others write about you: your credit reports and FICO scores.

Second, you'll participate in an exercise to deconstruct and demystify the annual story you write about yourself via your federal income tax filing.